Cloud Backup

Continuous & Complete Backup
Mac or PC, Laptop or Desktop. No caps, no limitations.

Unlimited Data Backup
Automatic backup. All user data (including desktop files) backed up by default.

Unlimited Data – Auto Thread & No Limitations – Unlimited Speed – 30 Day Rollback History to recover deleted data.

Unlimited Online Backup

Easy backups are just the starting point. It’s got to be reliable, too. KNIGHTS Technology is the most affordable online backup service for you and your business.

Protection from Viruses
30 day rollback for every computer ensures you and your business is protected from viruses.

Military Grade Security
AES, SSL and the ability to add your own encryption keys.

Integration Partners
Integrations from Cloudberry, Synology and others lets you backup or sync files,databases, VMs, and more.

Robust Administrative Features
Encryption, compression, retention policies, billing alerts / caps, etc. – we have it all.

Data Transferred via HTTPS

By using a strong protocol, a strong key exchange, and a strong cipher, we are able to continuously monitor using industry standard, independent sources like SSL Labs.

Public/Private Keys

2048 bit public / private keys secure a symmetric AES -128 key.